• Center for Open and Multimedia Eduaction – the main publisher

    The Centre for Open and Multimedia Education is a university-wide unit at the University of Warsaw. COME was created on 23nd June 1999 on the basis of the Senate of the University of Warsaw resolution as a result of the transformation of the Open Education Studies. The mission of COME is to expand and facilitate access to university education by using new technologies in didactic offer of the university.

    COME aims at:

    • promoting and coordinating the activities of the University in the field of e-learning,
    • organizing, designing and giving Internet courses,
    • organising and developing the e-learning service maintenance,
    • providing educational services for adults, regardless of their education and place of residence,
    • carrying out the research on distance learning with ICT,
    • participating in the e-teacher training process to help the staff meet the requirements of the new forms of education,
    • collaborating with the Open University in the area of on-line courses,
    • co-operating with institutions carrying out similar activities in Poland and abroad.
  • Polish Scientific Society of Internet Education (PTNEI) – scientific patronage
  • Center for Distance Education of Warsaw University of Technology
  • Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of Gdańsk University of Technology