Padlet – a Virtual Wall in Teaching of Technical Vocabulary – Teamwork in Task of Poster Preparation (Case Study)


The article presents the activities that were carried out within a group of third-year students of engineering (undergraduate) study in the academic year 2014/15 during the course that was dedicated to improvement of English technical vocabulary. The aim of the exercise was to prepare a poster in a group of 3–5 students. The first part of the course was conducted with the participation of a teacher in the classroom, while the second part was intended for teamwork „at home”. To achieve the goals, the virtual wall called Padlet was used. It helped to publish posters created by students, allowed students to comment and evaluate their posters, as well as became a place to express an opinion in the contentious situation which arose when the task was being completed. The case study presented in the paper enabled to achieve all defined effects of the course developed within National Qualification Framework. The paper contains a sketch outline, goals and manner of conducting activities, achieved results and the observations and comments of the teacher.

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