Learning Process and Mobile Learning – Concept and Basic Results of MODERN Project


The interest in the possibility of usage the mobile technology in education increases mainly due to the easy and uni- versal access to mobile phones and tablets. The result of this interest is the development of mobile learning (m-lear- ning), a concept that combines the experience of distance learning (distance education) and e-learning. One of the key element in m-learning implementation is selection and evaluation of tools (applications) that can be used and contribute to achieve the learning objectives. On the other hand it is important to increase the use of such resources by those who are responsible for education process realization, what in turn causes the need to support teachers in developing the ability to use mobile devices in education. Taking into account the above, the implementation of the international Modern project (Mobile & Digital Elearning Toolkit – Modern Toolkit) was initialized. The main aim of Modern project is to intensify activities related to the implementation of the concept of m-learning in the educational process. The following results are going to be achieved:

  • report: „Audit of Digital and Interactive learning resources for European Vocational Training and Higher Edu- cation”;
  • report: „Pedagogic assessment of most promising mobile and digital e-learning resources for European Vocational Training and Higher Education”;
  • free toolkit contains the resources based on the most promising mobile learning tools: „MODERN Toolkit”;
  • free training course that constitutes a compendium of knowledge concerning the implementation of mobile learning in higher education and in training institutions, that is based on using innovative strategies („MODERN Innovation in Teaching Course”).

In the article there are presented concepts and the achieved results of the Modern project.

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