The Use of Virtual Reality Environment for Teaching Practical Skills Aviation Personnel


Proper operation of complex aviation equipment requires high knowledge and skills of aviation personnel. In order to make the staff well prepared there are not only the experienced instructors indispensable but also a suitable didactic base that allows for conducting classes at a high level. A preparation system for flight crew and maintenance personnel differs from each other due to the specific tasks requirement. However, in both cases, in the phase of theoretical training the e-learning methods are commonly used, whereas in the practical phase – simulators. Since several years the e-learning systems have been used for the theoretical training in the construction and operation of the aircraft M28 Bryza and helicopter W3 Sokol, and a number of simulators is being used to teach practical skills dedicated to both the flying and servicing crew in the Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin. Together with the development of information technology the possibility of using augmented reality systems for education and practical skills of future engineers and pilots started to be accessible. The article presents the possibilities and advantages of this environment and the first attempts to implement the above objectives.

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