Nonlinear Programmed Learning Model with the Use of Moodle E-Learning Platform – a Case Study


Programmed instructional (learning), in which it is possible to distinguish the linear, branched and the mixed programming, is nowadays used both in the structure of some textbooks, as well as in general computer-assisted education. E-learning is based on the use of computer hardware and software, so it may seem that the programmed instructional methodology perfectly fits into e-learning. However, the easiness of implementation can be attributed mainly to a linear program. The author of this paper has set itself the task to confront the assumptions of programmed learning in the context wider than linear, by the implementing this model in e-learning. Moodle – the popular e-learning platform has been used for this purpose. The considerations were supported by an analysis of survey results collected during the pilot implementation object run in high school and constructed on the basis of the methodology of programmed learning. The presented results can be useful especially for practitioners of e-learning and teaching specialists as well as for teachers in general.

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