Using the e-register in practice school


The introduction of information technology in schools meant that in the space of many new possibilities for communication. Increasingly, in the processes of school management turns on ICT tools. Recently, schools can keep records not only in the form of traditional newspapers, but also by means of electronic logs. The aim of the article is to analyze some aspects of the functioning of the e-register in educational institutions, and also to verify the effectiveness of the transmission of information using new tools introduced to schools. The article presents research on the use of e-register in one of the educational institutions from the district of Cieszyn. The study was conducted on the basis of an electronic log of Vulcan. The data were obtained from lists headmaster, and the analysis was based on counting the frequency of logging into the system pupils, parents and teachers. Studies show that despite the many concerns of e-register becomes an effective communication tool and there is no turning back from this type of tools.

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