About quality of learning and flipped classroom: a case study


The study presents conclusions from the experiences arising from conducting classes in the field of information technologies (applied computer sciences) and research on the effectiveness of multimedia in education of engineers. The results of research on the level of knowledge and skills in the area of text processing in Word and calculations in Excel spreadsheet conducted between the years 2010 and 2013 were compared. The way in which different streamed multimedia like screencasts, slidecasts and webcasts available also as podcasts (personal on demand broadcasts) can be used in order to support learning was highlighted. Unfortunately multimedia materials did not improve quality of learning. This fact was a motivation to raise a fundamental question: “how to motivate digital natives to learn” which still remains open and without answer. Finally the new educational paradigm of flipped classroom known also as backwards classroom, inverted classroom, reverse instruction, flipping the classroom or reverse teaching was tried. The paper is illustrated by five graphs and also brings comprehensive review of literature of the subject.

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