Communication in an E-Course


In distance education communication between all the participants of an e-course plays a crucial role. Limited direct contact is a challenge as it is replaced by indirect contact (e-contact). The paper discusses ways of communication between participants of e-courses in a higher school. A review of the communication tools available on the e-learning platform has been presented. The possibility of their use in the construction of interaction between students has been discussed. The development of distance education is associated with the development of information technology. Technological progress, however, requires continuous self-development on the part of the teacher. If an e-course is to inspire students to learn and study, not only does a teacher need to know the communication tools (technical knowledge), but they also must be able to successfully use them as a form of activating students (methodology). Activation of the students during an e-course is time-consuming so it should be fully considered and well-planned (script). It is therefore important to take into account the tools and possible interactions at the every stage of the developing an e-course by the teacher.

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