Security Challenges of Modern E-Learning Platforms


Modern e-learning platforms are widely accessible at any time, from every place on the Earth. They use complex technology and are connected to many other systems. We can notice continuous growth and dynamic changes of such systems. On the other hand data processed by these systems are valuable and need to be protected. It is a big challenge to provide appropriate level of security and safety of such systems. The platforms being under consideration are mainly internet systems. Very often they combine many services developed in various technologies. They are exposed to threats similar to other internet systems. In the area of security the threats derive from errors in the implementation of authentication, authorization and session management. Oftentimes, weaknesses are the result of insufficient input validation. There is also a matter of ensuring service performance and availability at the intended level. To measure the level of security of the system, security audits are used. Each vulnerability detected by the audit should be analyzed in terms of the potential risk. Performance of the system is checked during performance tests. It is worth to notice, that it is constant work to measure, analyze and improve the level of system security.

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