The Role of the Teacher And On-Line Learner in the Opinion of Teaching Specialization Students of Natural Sciences


Today man uses media in many ways: to search for information, in information processing, to communicate, to enjoy. For nearly a century, computers are also a tool to support the educational process. In Polish publishing market, there are many publications that discuss technical aspects of e-learning, but only a few which say about pedagogical aspects of this form. In response to this deficiency noted by me in this area, I prepared this paper on the basis of questionnaire, which was given 141 students of teaching specialization in Uniwersytet Gdański (from 2009 through 2012) I try to answer two questions: 1) what are surveyed students’ perceptions and opinions about e-learning at Uniwersytet Gdański 2) What role in their opinion do they and their teacher play in e-learning? My analysis allowed to distinguish three kinds of students, which I grouped and defined as: 1) outer-directed, 2) passive 3) inner-direction and active.

Direct link to the paper [here]