Internet in Upbringing System of Polish Scouting


„Harcerstwo” is a Polish version of scouting, a unique result of fusing traditional scouting values with Polish national tradition, culture and patriotism. The main goal I set myself for this work was to define the place and role of Internet in the upbringing system used in Polish scouting and the function of media – Internet specifically – in determining the activities of scouts and guides within this system. The results of the study presented open the way for reflection upon the models of how a traditional educational (upbringing – parenting) institution should operate and the function of the Internet in such institutions. Using Polish Scouting and Guiding Association and its educational system as an example it provides answers for various questions concerning the place of education and traditional educational institutions in the future IT society, in which the role of Internet and other, even newer media, will unquestionably be significant and will largely determine the character of interpersonal relations.

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