Methodology of teaching applied meteorology via Internet – a case study


The following paper describes an innovative approach to teaching practical meteorology. It is based on the observation, that the atmosphere may be treated as a laboratory, in which meteorological processes are constantly happening and may be observed and analyzed by students. This approach was used by the tutors (specialists in the fields of practical and theoretical meteorology), in the preparation of a web-based course on practical meteorology. During first editions significant changes were introduced in the course formula, as a result of experience and discussions with graduates.
The course is open to students and non-students regardless of their background. All materials must be prepared accordingly. All individual exercises and group projects are thoroughly evaluated and commented by the tutors. Students may also post questions and discussions on internet forums. As a result, the projects prepared by the students (meteorological data analyses) present a very high level of skill and understanding.
After seven years of running the internet course on practical meteorology we may say, that our experiment was successful. Web-based course turns out to be an effective tool in transferring knowledge, makes the content available to populace and is generally accepted by the participants.

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