What binds Bronisław Malinowski with social networks?


Bronislaw Malinowski, a Polish anthropologist, ethnologist and sociologist, is the father of phatic communication. He has defined and described for the first time a phatic function of language and its importance in societies with low levels of development. As it turns, the phatic communication, which does not transfer any content, is also present today, and even - due social networks portals - comes into new stage of development. Although an impression that the phatic communication has low importance, it plays an important role in society. Also in educational activities this communication has an impact on interpersonal relationships. Through it, people better cooperate with each other and create groups of collaborating individuals. In this way are also built relationships between students and the educational institutions. They are also generated positive emotions which help in all processes of learning. Generally, the phatic communication can have a positive influence on educational processes.

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