Implementation of unguided e-learning scenarios in the Sonetor project


Training of cultural mediators utilizing new network social software is the subject of an international project Sonetor, carried out in the framework of the European Development of Innovation Program. In response to the need for training and retraining of people working in immigrant communities, a platform for e-learning was created, in which are offered educational scenarios. A characteristic feature of the platform is the manifold opportunity for users to participate in learning content production. Scenarios are created partly in the unguided way, which induces a far-reaching interactivity and mutual co-stimulation of the training materials authors on the web. Structure of the scenario is built around a simple story based on real cases involving immigrants. Creation and development of educational content is open and thus allows and even forces the process of content updating by the users themselves, cooperating in the network and using the tools of social media. The methodology brings interesting experiences indicating additional cognitive advantages of e-learning within proposed innovative approach.

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