Ghostwriting Firewall

Honesty is one of the fundamental aspects that guarantee the quality of education. Readers must be sure that the authors of the papers present the results of their own research in a transparent, fair and honest way, no matter if they wrote the articles on their own or if they were supported by a specialist[1].

What proves the ethical attitude of a researcher and the highest editorial standards is the transparency of information about the entities that have contributed to the publication (a merit, technical, material, financial input etc.), which is stands for not only a good practice, but also social responsibility [1].

The examples of inappropriate practice are ghostwriting and guest authorship. What is meant by ghostwriting is the lack of information about the people who had a significant contribution to the publication – neither their names nor role is meant in the publication. Guest authorship (honorary authorship) is the situation in which a person has had not much/no contribution to the publication but their name has been place on the list of the contributors [1].

To prevent from ghostwriting or guest authorship the editors of EduAkcja make the following regulations obligatory:

  1. In the process of submitting a paper, authors declare the input of each author to the publication (they define their affiliations and contributions, i.e. the information who is the author of the main concept, principles, methods, protocol, etc.); what is important the main responsibility is taken by the author who submits the paper.
  2. In the process of submitting a paper, the authors fill in a form concerning the sources of financing the publication, the contribution of the research institutions, associations and other entities (financial disclosure).
  3. The editors request the authors to get familiar with the document on ghostwriting firewall [1] below.
  4. The editors will keep track of the procedure and all forms of scientific misconduct, especially violating the ethical rules that need to be followed in the scientific research will be reported.

[1] Recommendations for ghostwriting firewall, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, FAQs for impact factor lists of journals,, accessed on 26.06.2012